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Unexpected effects of longan fruit for health

Longan is a familiar fruit that is easy to eat and buy and enjoy, but not everyone is aware of the benefits of this fruit.

Longan has a sweet taste, average size, yellowish brown fruit and black seeds with a thick white rice layer covering the seeds. According to scientific studies, longan fruit contains micronutrients such as. Iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, protein, fat, sucrose and glucose.

In addition, longan is rich in vitamins A, C, organic acids and fiber, which are good for health. But is it good to eat more longan? Let’s learn about the benefits and disadvantages of eating longan through the following article.

Uses of longan fruit

Good label for the nervous system

Longan fruit is high in iron and other minerals that help improve blood circulation and blood flow to nerve cells. The active ingredients in longan help relieve stress, thus helping to sleep better.


The label helps to improve resistance

The rich vitamin C content in longan helps to improve the body’s resistance to prevent high blood pressure and some cardiovascular diseases.

Labels help prevent some eye diseases

Longan contains high amounts of B vitamins, which are good for the optic nerve, improving vision and limiting eye strain and eye pain. In addition, the label provides vitamin A, which helps keep the eyes healthy.

Labels are good for bones

Longan contains many nutrients, especially copper and calcium, which help strengthen bones and joints, help bone growth and prevent osteoporosis.

As bones become weaker with age, it is necessary to take calcium supplements from nature to help strengthen them.

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Labels help prevent anemia

There are reasons for anemia, the most common being a lack of iron in the body, which leads to anemia. Longan fruit contains high amounts of iron, which helps prevent anemia.

People who often suffer from anemia, such as pregnant women, postpartum women, people who are on a diet, and vegetarians. Therefore it is important to eat longan regularly to replenish iron for the body.

The label helps beautify the skin

Similar to green tea, longan contains many antioxidants, especially vitamin C, which has the effect of beautifying the skin and reducing the swelling of the skin surface. Than.


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