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The process of growing and caring for cucumbers

a. The process of growing cucumbers

Direct sowing of seeds into the hole

Plant spacing 35-40 cm/grain. Sow 2 – 3 seeds per hole, 40,000 – 50,000 plants per hectare.

Soaking in hot water at a temperature of 30 – 35 0 (2 times boiling + 3 times cold water)

Note: In case of dry soil, direct sowing without seed treatment

Planting with young cucumber seedlings


Bury the potted plants in the ground and irrigate the cut roots.

After planting, watering is required.

Use soil blocks around the newly planted tree to prevent it from falling over.

b. Cucumber care process

First stage. Water the plant regularly in the early morning and afternoon for the first 2 weeks after planting. Spread manure, chicken manure, straw or hay on the ground around the plants to keep the soil moist.

Phase 2: Fertilizer of nitrogen + phosphorus + potassium needs to be applied in the 3rd week and mixed with water to irrigate the plants. Foliar fertilization helps plants develop stems, leaves and roots. Make a trellis for the cucumber. You can make trusses out of bamboo, wood and iron rods. Each stake should be at least 3-5 cm in diameter and about 2-3 m in height, depending on the location, area and planting space. Insert the stakes into an A-shape and secure them with wire or rebar. The stakes must be strong enough to allow the tree to climb without falling.

Stage 3: 1 month after planting is the stage when the cucumber plant needs the most care to keep the plant growing. You should water more often and irrigate the plants with fertilizers such as phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium and urea mixed into the water to add nutrients to the plants for growth and flowering. Note that watering should be done again after fertilizing so as not to burn the plant’s root system.

Stage 4: About 30-50 days after planting, cucumbers begin to bear fruit and the leaf axils begin to sprout male and female flowers and branches. This period is considered to be the most “sensitive” period in determining the plant’s yield. At this time, it is necessary to water the plants adequately twice a day, morning and evening. Although the need for watering is high, it is uncomfortable to be flooded with water. If there is a lack of water, the tree will produce small fruits that are bitter to eat. Cucumber is a thermophilic plant and if it is planted in a well-lit area, the fruit will grow quickly and of good quality.

Fifth stage. About 60-80 days after the cucumber plants are established, the fruits will be produced one after another, depending on the cultivar and care conditions. It is best to harvest cucumbers in the early morning, when the temperature is still low. Potassium and nitrogen should be applied every 2 weeks after each fruit harvest to provide the fruit trees with nutrients for the next litter.


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