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The first is that under the penguin’s skin is a rather thick layer of fat, which is the most important thing to help it withstand the cold

The first is that the penguin has a rather thick layer of fat under its skin, which is the most important thing that helps it resist the cold. The second is that the penguin has a very fine waterproof coat. Thanks to this, the bird can dive into the water without the water penetrating its skin. The third is the flocking lifestyle. Penguins often live in large flocks of up to several thousand individuals, and in the face of the biting cold of Antarctica, the individuals in the flock can keep each other warm.

The body structure can withstand the cold and the habit of living in colonies helps penguins adapt to the harsh conditions of Antarctica. (Photo: Kültür Servsi)

Some people ask, “Is the Arctic different from the Antarctic? Even if the Arctic is not as cold, it is still an ideal habitat for penguins.

So what is the difference?

Perhaps the first simple reason is that they can’t fly to escape the polar bears and snow foxes that stalk the flocks of birds that nest here in the summer. If penguins lived in the Arctic, they would be nothing more than lucrative prey for both of these predators.

The second reason is that Antarctica is too safe for them. There are no threats at all, so they don’t have to worry about being hunted while nesting; it’s a very safe land for long-term settlement. The third reason is geographical limitation. If they wanted to live in the Arctic, penguins would have to move north, they would have to swim across the warm waters around the equator. Imagine finding this uncomfortable, like you or I having to run around in a full ski suit on a hot day.

If climate change causes penguins to move north, but there is a lot of warm, nutrient-poor water on their way to the North Pole, not to mention predators like sharks and sea lions …… have been lurking in the penguins’ path.

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Therefore, it would not be foolish for penguins to leave Antarctica, as the land is too fine and safe for their lives.


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