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The advantages of wall clocks – Vati

In this age of ever-evolving advertising technology, we seem to have a lot to choose from. However, in terms of efficiency, advertising wall clocks are one of the most effective ways. The fact that the company’s logo is always present on the watch partly reflects the effective promotion. Putting a wall clock as a gift is the most necessary thing when every holiday is approaching.

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Some questions when ordering a wall clock as a gift for a customer

1. What is the minimum order quantity for Vati wall clocks?

Vati Wall Clocks production site accepts orders from your company in any quantity, depending on the intended use of the customer.

2. Does Vati Wall Clocks accept samples?

Our factory is a specialized unit for production and processing based on samples and requests. Therefore, if your company has ready-made samples, the time to complete the order will be shortened faster because we will not spend time to calculate and produce samples.

3. How many days does it take to complete an order for a Vati wall clock?

Depending on the number of orders, the complexity or simplicity of producing samples, the time to take the order is at the peak (year-end special holiday), whether there are delays on both sides of the quotation consultation and contract formalities.

However, we can usually complete the order for your company in about 10-15 working days after completing the preliminary formalities and stages. Exceptions are orders for watches in quantities of 1,000 pieces or more.

4. What is the cost of producing advertising wall clocks?

The cost of making a sample for your company is about 500,000 VND, depending on the type of watch, the complexity of the watch and whether the cost of plastic material for watch production is big or not? If your company’s order is from 200 watches or more, we will completely deduct the cost of making samples for your company.

5. Can I borrow an existing watch model from Vati?

If the watch you want to borrow is available at the Vati wall clock factory, you just need to pay the sample fee in advance (to make sure the watch model is not lost) and bring the watch back. Then when you return the sample in good condition, we will refund the deposit to your company.

6. What if I am still not satisfied with my first sample and want to do it a second and third time?

If your company needs to redo the samples for the 2nd or 3rd time, we will still make samples for your company until the samples are approved. In this kind of sample production, all material costs, processing and shipping costs are responsible for payment and will not be deducted at the time of order placement. We will deduct only once on the first sample.

7. Do gift wall clock manufacturers retail watches to individual customers?

If we have an odd number of watches in stock, we will retail these watches for you to purchase and use. Please contact us in advance to find out which models of watches are still in stock.


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