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Snails and unexpected uses

When I was in the country, growing up and working in the city, I never noticed snails. Only when I was a kid, out of curiosity, my friends and I watched them crawl back and forth, cutting a smooth path in the sunlight. It wasn’t until I had the opportunity to travel abroad several times for work and witness their treatment of snails that I really took notice of this animal and knew its role in our folk remedies…

The slimy snails that slowly crawl through the gardens of each of our landscaped houses, most of which are ignored or hated, have unexpectedly become a source of ingredients for unique dishes in the country’s specialty restaurants. Faraway France. Even more popular than that, their mucus is not only used to treat boils or centipede bites, but is now an indispensable ingredient in a variety of human beauty products around the world.

Once I passed by a farm in France that looked like a wasteland, and if I hadn’t been told about it, I wouldn’t have thought there were over a million snails under the silent wooden boards. The snails were “hiding” from the sun. They are snails that are quietly growing up and will become luxury items when they reach the market. Farms like this one need a few workers, mainly to keep the humidity up while feeding the snails at night

In short, a snail is a large snail with a thick, yellowish-brown shell and a mouth without scales that lives in damp bushes, especially trees with resin. In scientific books, people describe that a snail is a mollusk with a large, thick shell. The head has 2 tentacles (whiskers) and the whole body is covered in a shell of mucus. Their preferred habitat is a moist tree stump.

There is a saying “slow as a slug” used to talk about those sluggish ones. Not only do they lead a leisurely and relaxed life, but they are also unusually good sleepers. In their natural habitat during the dry season, they can sleep like the dead for months, but with a bath (usually in the spring), they wake up and function normally. Snails sense by smell and have 2 eyes at the two tips of their tentacles. The snail family (Achatinidae) has many species, the most common being the flower snail (Achatinafulica). This type, has a life span of about 2 years and the average weight of an animal can reach 50-60 grams.

How To Control Snails Naturally In The Garden

Snails possess interesting characteristics that I would never have known if I hadn’t paid attention. For example, stories about their sex and reproduction. Snails “fall in love” for a very long time (about 10-12 hours). Coming out of their shells, they entwine the couple with each other, leave and re-entwine them again in an endless and tireless love affair. Snails are hermaphroditic, as each snail has two sex organs: male and female. When mating, both parts are compatible to work. Thus, after half a month, they both lay eggs, each with 120-150 eggs. However, not every product that contains snail ingredients is good. In order to use snails


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