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Should the fleece jacket be dry cleaned or water washed

Dry cleaning is the ideal method of washing to remove stubborn stains efficiently without causing colors to fade or fabrics to lose their wrinkles like water washing does. As the name implies, dry cleaning does not require water, but uses a solvent combined with a dry cleaning machine and dry cleaning chemicals to clean your clothes.

Regarding the advantages of dry cleaning, your clothes will easily remove stubborn stains without fading or losing their shape. In addition, clothes will also wrinkle less than if they were washed in water. Especially wool materials, such as wool sweaters, will ensure the durability of the coat and the smoothness of the fur.

In addition, dry cleaning equipment is difficult to use because of its relatively complex construction and operating procedures. In addition, dry cleaning tends to be resource intensive and requires you to closely monitor the washing process. In particular, if you do not wash the solvents from your clothes, it will cause a lot of damage to your skin. In addition, dry cleaning tends to cost many times more than water washing.

How Does a Clothes Dryer Work?

Water washing is the process of cleaning clothes due to a combination of water, water washing chemicals and water washing machines. Regular washing will be easier than dry cleaning and will not require close monitoring of the cleaning process. You just need to press the machine according to the desired wash pattern and wait for the washing machine to finish.

Due to the relative simplicity of the operation process, the water washing method will save more time and cost than the dry cleaning method. In particular, water washing is environmentally friendly because this method of washing helps you simplify the chemicals that need to be used and is not toxic.

However, water washing is often not as efficient as dry cleaning when it comes to cleaning efficiency. In addition, water washing can easily cause damage to your clothes and lose their original shape.

First, you should read the instructions carefully before deciding whether to dry clean or wash your wool sweater. Most wool sweaters can only be dry cleaned, but there are a few that can be washed in water. You need to choose the most sensible method for yourself so that you can clean the shirt effectively and optimally.


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