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Hot Trend Makeup Summer With Brand New Collection Merzy Soft Touch

What’s hot about Merzy’s Soft Touch collection? Especially the Korean line of creamy Korean lipsticks that are sought after by many people, are they as good and soft as rumors?

May comes with bright sunshine and even more brilliant when knowing that Merzy (a super luxury makeup brand from Korea) has just come back with Soft Touch collection, making it easier for beauty enthusiasts to apply makeup. every day so that it’s really “cookie”. So what are you waiting for without quickly updating 3 extremely hot makeup trends for summer 2022! A little hint is that Soft Touch Collection is very suitable to make up these 3 layouts!

Hot Trend Makeup Mùa Hè Cùng BST Mới Toanh Merzy Soft Touch - TalkBeauty

About the Soft Touch Collection:

Soft Touch is the latest collection in the Merzy family, just launched in April 2022 with the trendy Veri Peri shade as the main color. The tagline “It’s work of art”, the message Merzy wants to convey with this collection is that you yourself are an art. And trust, transformation is how you define the term “art” in yourself.

The Soft Touch collection includes:

– Lip Tint: 6 Korean lipstick shades with soft, creamy texture.

– Liquid Blusher: 3 creamy blush shades.

– Stick Shadow: 3 eye shadow colors.

Super hot summer makeup with soft touch:

Let’s see how this collection can be transformed into beautiful works of art:

Style 1 – Girl Crush Personality:

For a girl crush style, choose a natural, smooth, matte finish in the style of “my skin but better” so that the skin doesn’t look white. The eye makeup must be emphasized and the color combination from dark to light, so that the eyes have more depth.

In particular, the makeup layout of the girl crush, although in a personal style, should not be ignored. Glossy emulsions like SS1. Over Crystal with silver stone will make the eyes even more attractive, remember to add eyeliner style cat eyes and add false eyelashes to make your face stand out!

For the cheeks, you should choose easy-to-use blush shades like SB1 Dry Pink. Although it has a pink color, it is still very trendy, not tacky and suitable for many skin tones as well as different makeup styles. The water-based cream is cool, thin, extremely comfortable and does not clog the skin, so it can be used even if you have dry or oily skin in summer.

The lipstick color that matches this style is SL6. Smoking Wood (cold deep brown) or SL2. Sangria (violet wine red). The velvety soft lipstick gives a smooth matte effect without drying out the lips, as the ingredients are rich in moisturizers.

Color SL6. Smoking Wood is a cool dark brown wood tone that is very personal. This color suits those who have a cool undertone, but it is still very easy to use because it is not too picky and still respects the skin and the enamel.

Color SL2. Sangria is a wine red color that also belongs to a striking cool lipstick shade, with a very unique blend of pink, red and purple colors – both feminine and excellent if you are a fan of deep lipstick but are too bored. Shades like earth red, deep brown, you can try this lipstick color!

Style 2 – unique Thai “milk tea” makeup:

This is a makeup layout that can highlight the soft lines of Asia, but still has enough charm of European and American girls. The main shade for this makeup layout is an earthy brown with warm tones.

In this makeup style, you can use sharp, thick eyeliner and thick lashes to open the corners of your eyes and trace the lower lashes to make your eyes look deeper. You should choose a warm yellow emulsion like SS2. Choose casual gold to blend with your overall makeup. Merzy’s Soft Touch eyeshadows feature a convenient twist head, are easy to apply, and still last long thanks to the waterproof formula and “Fine Pearl” powder included.

The recommended eyeshadow color is SB2, and Coral Mood is a pretty milky orange shade that is slightly chipped and can be used every day. As for additional application, this “Thai milk tea” makeup shade is very attractive!

The Korean lipstick line Merzy Soft Touch was probably born for this style. The right color for the Thai milk tea style are the SL4 shades. Cinnamon Roll (orange-brown), SL5. Uncovered Taupe (sexy nude-brown) and SL3. Ablaze Amber (stunning amber-orange).

Color SL3. Ablaze Amber (impressive amber orange) is considered the strangest orange color in Korean lipstick palettes. Amber orange is not picky, but also very suitable for dark-skinned girls or warm undertones.

Color SL4. Cinnamon Roll with an orange-brown color with a hint of red charm. The transition of this lipstick color is super beautiful, the inside of the lips has a reddish-brown color and the outside of the lips is a warm yellow-orange like the sunset.

Color SL5. Uncovered Taupe (sexy nude-brown). The number 1 “catchy” Korean lipstick color with nude-brown color is not picky, white or dark skin is very pretty. Filling the lips is still natural, but filling the lips is sexy and irresistible.


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