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Discover the logos of the most expensive car manufacturers in the world

Logos of expensive car manufacturers are often carefully cared for to show the spirit and class commensurate with the reputation. Through the logo, we can understand a part of the history of the brand. Some logos are also associated with interesting stories that even car lovers do not expect.

Join to discover the logos of the world’s most expensive car manufacturers:

1. Bentley logo

Bentley is one of the most famous car manufacturers today. Founded in 1919, this car company has more than 100 years of history. During its operation and development, Bentley has gone through many events to gain its current position. The success of the company is not only thanks to the luxury cars in terms of styling, comfortable interiors and powerful engines, but also the “contribution” of the highly recognizable logo.

The company’s father – Walter Owen Bentley used to build aircraft engines for World War I before producing cars. Therefore, it is easy to understand when the Bentley logo has a wing symbol and in the middle is the letter B (the initials of the company’s name). A special feature of the Bentley logo is that the number of feathers on the two wings is uneven and changes throughout history.

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The Bentley logo was designed by a friend of engineer Walter Owen Bentley – designer Frederick Gordon Crosby (1885-1943). This logo has been used since 1919 until today. Although some details have been changed, on the whole the logo still retains the original layout and spirit.

According to many people, the wings of the Bentley logo are a symbol of movement and growth. This logo was designed in the hope that the British company will always produce the fastest and highest quality cars and constantly expand its position.

In addition to the traditional logo, Bentley also introduced the “Flying B” logo – the symbol of the letter B standing with wings on its back. Today, this logo is used on the Bentley Flying Spur and the Bentley Mulsanne. The “Flying Spur” logo is usually placed on the hood and can be automatically retracted to protect against theft.

2. Rolls-Royce logo

Initially, Rolls-Royce had a rather pale logo with two interlocking RRs. Later, however, the company introduced the Spirit of Ecstasy logo (Silver Lady / Flying Lady) in 1911 because car owners wanted a more eye-catching logo for their luxury car.

Baron Montagu of Beaulieu commissioned his friend, English sculptor Charles Robinson Sykes, to design the Silver Lady symbol. Uniquely, the model of the Spirit of Ecstasy symbol is his secretary and mistress.

Spirit of Ecstasy is a small figure with the image of a girl wearing a robe fluttering in the wind, with fingers gently resting on her lips. This image symbolizes the secret love between the Baron and his secretary.

Soon the Spirit of Ecstasy found great favor and became the symbol of Rolls-Royce. To better fit this automotive company, Charles Robinson Sykes adjusted some details to create a version that resembles today’s iconic Flying Lady.

3. Volkswagen logo

Volkswagen is not a very expensive car company, but it owns prestigious brands such as Bentley, Porsche, Bugatti, Lamborghini and in the future it will acquire Jaguar together with Land Rover. Few people know that Volkswagen was founded by the German government and created the legendary car “Beetle” according to the wishes of Adolf Hitler.

The Volkswagen logo is quite simple, with a small V in the middle and a W at the bottom. If you look too closely, you can easily mistake just the letter W in the circular frame. The company’s logo is quite simple, but the blue and white color combination creates a luxurious and sophisticated overall look.

Although it is not a unique logo and contains many unexpected stories, Volkswagen logo is still enough to impress customers, especially when Volkswagen is currently the largest car manufacturer in the world.

4. BMW logo

BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke AG) is a German manufacturer of luxury cars. The company was founded in 1916 with the original goal of producing aircraft engines. It was not until 1929, after the acquisition of Fahrzeugfabrik Eisenach, that BMW produced its first car.

Today, BMW has risen to become one of the leading car manufacturers and owns renowned brands such as Mini, Rolls-Royce, BMW, as well as a number of motorcycle manufacturers. Therefore, many people wonder about the meaning of the BMW logo.

The BMW logo is circular, including the outer black circle, which is derived from the logo of the predecessor company Rapp. The inner circle is divided into 4 parts, with 2 colors, white and blue, and above it is the brand name “BMW”. The circular detail in the middle is inspired by the flag of the Bavarian region in southern Germany.

5. logo of the expensive car company Bugatti.

As one of the most expensive car manufacturers today, but few people know that Bugatti has faced 2 times when it seemed like a complete collapse. The first time was in 1963 when the company went bankrupt due to constant financial problems after the death of the father and son. Fortunately, an Italian businessman managed to bring Bugatti back to life in 1990.

Nevertheless, the prestigious car company had to stop production in 1995. At that time it was thought that the expensive Bugatti car company would have no chance of revival, but just 3 years later the company was bought by Volkswagen. Since joining the largest car company in the world, Bugatti has made remarkable developments and can be called a miracle.

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