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Car logos and famous car brands in the world

Currently, there are many logos of car manufacturers that we can easily see on the streets of Vietnam. Below, Muaban would like to provide a few logos and information of the most popular car manufacturers in Vietnam, invite readers to find out
Logos of famous car manufacturers in Vietnam VinFast The name VinFast has many people mistaken for speed (Fast in English means fast). However, VinFast has a very special meaning, connected by a series of abbreviations of words: Vietnam; Style; Safe; Creation; Pioneers. The birth of VinFast is considered the pride of the Vietnamese nation, expressing the will and aspiration to bring the Vietnamese car brand to the world, affirming its ability to master modern technologies produced in Vietnam. Vietnam. VinFast was launched in October 2018, at the Paris Motor Show event. The first Vietnamese-made car was officially announced for the first time, this event has received a lot of attention and appreciation from experts, leading car manufacturers in the world.
VinFast’s logo is inspired by the letter V with a design orientation that represents the following criteria: Vietnam, Vingroup (VinFast) and rise.

Logo các hãng xe hơi nổi tiếng trên Thế giới – Đức, Ý, Mỹ, Anh, Nhật

In addition, the letter V is also a symbol of quality, of victory (Victory). Thaco blue was chosen as the main color of the logo. This blue is also one of the three primary colors, the color of sustainability and environmental friendliness. This is the “finished” color of Truong Hai brand. The blue color also helps to show the company’s marketing philosophy: the heart for the finished product, its own appearance. Pay attention to each member of the unit and the community of the association. Korean car manufacturer logos


Hyundai’s logo is not just the letter H. Originally, the Hyundai logo included the word “HD”, so it was easily confused with the Honda brand. Then the new Hyundai logo was replaced by the letter “H”. The letter “H” is the symbol of two people shaking hands, and these two people are the company and the customer. The letter “H” is designed to lean to the right, conveying the message of always moving forward and moving toward success.


KIA logo is quite simple, but it has a deep meaning. The name KIA is derived from the meaning of the two Chinese characters “Ki” and “A”. The word “Ki” stands for growth, and “A” stands for reaching out. When these two words stand together, it means strong development and expansion beyond Asia. This is exactly what the company is aiming for. Over the past half century, the company has consistently demonstrated its attractiveness ahead of other competitors.

Daewoo Daewoo means Dai Vu in Korean, which means a wonderful house, a wonderful universe. The meaning of this logo is also not clear. However, there are many opinions that the three branches in Daewoo’s logo aim to become a stable and solid automobile manufacturer like a “tripod”, and at the same time to strengthen customers’ confidence in the company. with brand. Ssangyong

In Korean, Ssangyong means “two dragons” and is an expression of great aspirations and expansion to the world. Originally, the company did not have its own logo, the only identifying mark was the serial number and the five-pointed white star on the hood. In 60, Ssangyong officially used the “two dragon logo” for its models. The background of this logo is blue, the same color as the virgin cluster.

Logos of the Japanese car manufacturers

Toyota: Toyota’s logo is probably not unfamiliar to Vietnamese people, as the logo used by Toyota dates back to 1990. The meaning of Toyota’s logo is known as a combination of three ovals. The two overlapping inner ovals represent the connection between the heart of the company and the heart of the customer, as well as a relationship of trust and growing together. Graphically, the letter “T” stands for Toyota. Two ovals embedded in a large ellipse stand for the whole world that Toyota embraces.

Honda’s motorcycle

The letter H can be understood as the first letter of founder Soichiro Honda’s name. On closer inspection, the logo is reminiscent of two people shaking hands. This is considered the greeting of business people. It represents the cohesion of cooperation and development. This is also the philosophy that Honda is building.

Suzuki: The Suzuki logo consists of the letter “S” in stylized capital letters. This is the first letter of the name of the founder of Suzuki – Michio Suzuki – and also the initials of the company. In 1958, the official logo was introduced and used as a symbol of this automobile company.

Isuzu: The meaning of the word Isuzu comes from the river of the same name that flows near the Great Shrine of Ise, one of the holiest and most revered shrines in Japan. The Isuzu logo consists of two vertical white columns on a red background.

Logos of automobile manufacturers

Isuzu – A famous car manufacturer for long distance driving and high fuel economy – logo of car manufacturers.

Nissan: Nissan is an acronym for Nihon Sangyo, which means Japanese industrial production. Nissan used to be the parent company of Datsun. After the merger with Datsun, Nissan continued to use the logo modeled after the Japanese national flag. It was not until the 1990s that Nissan changed the logo to its current metal form.

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