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Car interior decoration process

Changing the design of door panels, faucets, backgrounds, seats or adding small details brings many benefits to the car owner. First and foremost, car interiors can make the owner feel satisfied by their creativity and design ability. This will make the car owner feel happier and more excited every time he or she sits in the car, and the ability to concentrate will be greatly increased.

In addition, arranging small details in the right places will also make the interior of the car more comfortable. Car owners can install extra items that will decorate the interior of the car and have the convenience of ensuring that the driving process goes smoothly and does not stop halfway due to lack of something.

On the other hand, car owners who like feng shui can also arrange interior decorations that belong to the five elements of feng shui and have the effect of praying for fortune and peace, such as feng shui crystals, statues of the God of Wealth. , Buddha statues or relaxing aromatherapy…

The price list of car interior decoration

The price of car interior decoration does affect the decision of many customers, so most of them tend to exclude from the list places with higher than usual prices for car interior decoration. Your review book once you learn about their price list.

Another reason is that most of the car interior decorating places are spontaneous at home but charge “sky-high” prices which does give a bad impression to the car owners compared to other companies.

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As one of the reputable car care service providers in the market, Tuan Yang Auto always promises that the quality of the company’s services is always the best and worth the price you pay.

Tuan An’s service prices are always clearly revealed to our customers. We are confident that the prices we offer are the best and most competitive in the market.

Tuan Anh’s latest price list for car interior decoration has the following prices.

Decoration items Price (VND)

Dashboard camera 1,000,000 – 4,000,000 VND

Steering wheel cover 80,000 – 1,000,000 VND

Car perfume 100,000 – 500,000 VND

Leather seat cover 2,000,000 – 15,000,000 (depending on vehicle type and leather type)

Floor mats set 250,000 – 3,000,000 VND

Feng Shui objects 100,000 – 5,000,000 (depending on type)

Painted wood panel 1,500,000 – 3,000,000 VND

The above prices are for reference only, owners interested in car interior decoration can contact Tuan Anh Auto to discuss and reach a cooperation agreement to the satisfaction of both parties. Best.

Car interior decoration process

As mentioned before, there are many items used to decorate the interior of the car depending on the purpose of use and the preference of the customer. Therefore, in this article, Tuanan Auto would like to mention the process of car interior decoration, which is a common type of decoration used by many customers, namely wood paneling and floor mats.

Type 1: Car interior wood paneling paint

When it comes to painting, surely the first step is always to clean the surface to be painted. A clean, dust-free and stain-free surface will make the paint smoother and certainly more beautiful.

Next, the company’s crews will paint the background and wood grain on the surfaces requested by the customer, such as chair handles, faucets, and the inside of car doors. The price will vary depending on the location and the area to be painted. Cities will vary.

However, Tuanan Auto we always rank among the top companies, set quite affordable prices, and always inform before the construction, so customers can rest assured.

The final stage is to wait for the paint to dry, remove the paint odor from the cabin space, and deliver the finished product to the customer for evaluation. Mission On Auto promises to be responsible for all mistakes of the builder if the finished product after the car interior is not perfect, and the company will also be responsible for careful warranty for cooperation. It can be extended between both parties.

Type II: Car floor mats

Actually, the process of installing car floor mats does not take much time and effort, so the price of this car interior decoration service is not too expensive.

The first step when starting the installation of car floor mats is to clean the car floor, including the hidden corners, with a handheld vacuum cleaner. The builder will ensure that the cleaning of the car floor will not cause dust to fly back and stick to the car’s seats or ceiling, affecting the health of the passengers in the cabin.

Then, after pulling back the front seats, the crew will proceed to install the front seat carpet. The crew will adjust the position of the carpet so that it is most upright, thread the carpet under the front seats, and fasten the buttons to ensure that the carpet does not move as it moves around the vehicle.

A similar job will be done for the rear seats, thus completing the carpeting under the floor of the vehicle.

From car interiors to other services, every service offered by Tuanan Automotive begins and ends with two set steps. The first step is to negotiate the price and construction services with the customer.

The last step is to show the finished product to the customer after the construction. Mission Auto cares about all the problems and dissatisfaction of its customers, so you can always give the most honest evaluation of the company’s services.

Where to buy car interior trim?

Currently, there are many points of sale and installation of automotive interior trim, including on online sales sites. However, buying items online or at anonymous points of sale is actually a game of chance.

With luck, you will have a good car interior trim, with no luck, you will “lose money”. But most lucky situations can only be counted on your fingers.

So instead of leaving it up to chance, try to find a reputable, quality, brand name company. tuan anh auto service is certainly a good example of this type of company.


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