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Apple Studio Display 27 inch 5K monitor – Nano Glass – No stand

Features of the 27-inch 5K Apple Studio Display Monitor – Nano Glass

Detailed review of Apple Studio Display 27 inch 5K monitor – Nano Glass

See the world in the most exciting way through the immersive experience that the 27-inch 5K Apple Studio Display offers. The product is integrated with a 12MP ultra-wide-angle camera, which supports Center Stage, which is extremely convenient

Apple Studio Display 27" Retina 5K (Nano-Texture Glass)

27 inch 5K display space

In terms of display capacity, Apple Studio Display recorded a 27-inch experience space with 5K resolution, a product that collects 14.7 million pixels and has an impressive 600 nits brightness, supports 1 billion colors enough to meet the needs of users. professional needs of creatives or those involved in video design or editing.

Innovative design, mirrorless nano glass.

Apple Studio Display has a very elegant structure with very thin edges, the product follows Apple’s typical minimalist design style. The monitor is available in different versions, such as without stand, with fixed stand and with adjustable stand, offering a variety of options in terms of layout and price. The version you’re looking for uses anti-reflective, nano-coated glass – the best choice for offices.

Chat and talk with the 12MP camera.

The Apple Studio Display 27″ 5K features a 12MP camera with a 122-degree viewing angle. Thanks to the powerful A13 Bionic processor chip designed and manufactured by Apple itself, this display supports Center Stage feature that makes video calling, learning, and online communication more efficient. You can use features like FaceTime, Webex, and Zoom for remote communication to take full advantage of the product’s capabilities.

Support for three microphones for call recording.

As remote communication becomes more and more central, Apple has thought about it and equipped its unique screen model with up to three microphones to optimize recording quality when users make video calls. This allows the Apple screen to accurately capture the user’s voice and filter out background noise to improve the quality of the conversation.

Six-speaker system with cinematic sound

When using the Apple Studio Display screen, you don’t need the support of external speakers as the product has a built-in six-speaker system that works very efficiently. It consists of four bass speakers that produce a powerful bass range and two tweeters that deliver a sharp, realistic sound. Apple boasts that this is the most impressive integrated speaker system ever built into a technology device.

Experience immersive multi-dimensional sound

With the Apple Studio Display, you’ll be immersed in an extremely immersive sound experience, as if you were in your own movie theater or concert hall. Dolby Atmos technology for multidimensional sound with the A13 Bionic chip drives six external speakers for a truly cinematic experience.

Built-in flexible and versatile connectivity

The 27-inch Apple Studio Display’s three USB-C ports let you easily connect your iPhone or peripherals like an external hard drive, mouse, or keyboard. Meanwhile, the Thunderbolt port can connect between the display and Mac to open up a larger viewing space, or help users charge the 14-inch MacBook Pro quickly and easily.

Fully compatible with Mac models

Studio Display is the best choice for you to enhance the visual experience from Macs like MacBook Pro and MacBook Air to Mac Pro and Mac mini. Immerse yourself in realistic, vivid, and sharp images with the 5K resolution offered by the product.

Choose between three versions

With the Apple Studio Display 27-inch 5K, you have the freedom to choose between three versions of the product: the version without a stand, the version that uses the stand to align the angle of 30 degrees, and the special version that can adjust the angle. 30-degree tilt, as well as a flexible height adjustment of 10.5 cm. The version without the stand allows you to use the VESA mount to attach your device directly to the wall, minimizing your workspace.

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