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3 techniques to speed up your onboarding and induction process

With the average turnover of employees in the UK at around 15% per year, a quick and effective induction and onboarding process can make a big difference to employee productivity and wellbeing. With the average cost of replacing an employee now around £30,000, there is real value in getting employees in as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, with the right technology, you can speed up your onboarding and induction process and keep your IT budget in line. In turn, you’ll build a competitive advantage over companies that still rely on manual and unattractive processes to get their employees started.

While there are many onboarding tools available, here are three ways to use technology that will take your onboarding and onboarding to the next level.

1. Manage user licenses with innovative software tools

Managing user-based licenses can be complex and time-consuming. Setting up user subscriptions for tools like Office 365 can be a headache and slow onboarding. So, why not let software do the work? With license management tools, you can.

Automatically configure licenses so your IT team can focus on other areas.

Achieve cloud licensing compliance.

Accelerate systems by integrating HR and payroll.

Empower employees to get up to speed quickly and use automation tools to avoid delays in resource access.

2. Use communication tools to accelerate network and culture adoption

Only 12 percent of employees say their organization does a good job of onboarding.

This is not surprising, as 30 percent of new hires leave within 90 days, and failure to connect with the culture and build social relationships is one of the top contributing factors.

Here are some options for using communication software to address this issue and accelerate onboarding and onboarding

Instant messaging – Tools like Microsoft Teams enable integration with colleagues and encourage a virtual water cooler for your employees.

Online meetings – Set up and hold meetings quickly from any location. New employees in retail stores across the country can now meet with key members of your head office in their first week, without the high cost of travel. Microsoft Team also offers this feature.

Project Management – Manage projects and provide instant visibility to all new hires. New executive need to launch the season’s sales over the weekend? They can now follow a task list without the store manager being there.

Communication tools like this provide a safe, seamless way for new hires to build collegiality, engage with your culture and immediately understand their workload.

3. Embrace the virtual desktop for new hire integration, education and engagement

Traditionally, new hires receive a paper file on their first day – an “information packet” filled with educational materials and company policies. But what if new hires could receive this information immediately upon hire, in a more compelling way and at a lower cost?

That’s exactly what a virtual desktop can help you provide. The benefits of virtual desktops include.

Lower costs – Only one system needs to be updated and patched, compared to the high cost of updating many separate devices.

Easy to update – New insights and best practices can be distributed immediately.

No hardware to buy – new employees can work with their own devices, saving you money.

With VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), new employees can now instantly log into your online portal and access all the resources they need.

Accelerate onboarding and induction with innovative technology

Accelerated onboarding and induction can reduce costs and increase productivity, and technology is a key catalyst for this change. There is also consensus in the HR community, with 36% of HR professionals citing inadequate technology as a major barrier to automating and improving onboarding processes.

While it can take time to identify and implement the right onboarding technology, making small changes can have a huge impact. Starting with something as simple as automated permit management will speed up your onboarding and onboarding process and make it easier for retail employees to integrate into their work lives.


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