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A beautiful, unique and impressive home design will surely attract the attention of all eyes. In the world, there are many architectural works that resonate in the architectural world. Let’s admire and discover the most unique houses from Los Angeles to Tehran with luxurious and impressive interior designs.

Creating the most luxurious, beautiful villas in the world is the dream of architects and designers, and also a challenge to showcase their inspiration and ability. What do these projects have in common? Whether in the sea, in the mountains, on remote islands or in the city center in a metropolis, certain design trends clearly need to be established.

First, keep an eye on the simple style. While budget is not an issue, designers prefer simple, natural materials over expensive ones, allowing the house to blend into the landscape, reproducing color and flavor.

The luxury villas are the place to help you get rid of stress, back to nature. That’s why the designers chose to surround the villa with green plants and wide glass walls to help you enjoy the surrounding natural landscape.

Here are 11 luxury villas with impressive interior designs that will surely make you captivated.

1. Sharifi-Ha House in Tehran

The design of the beautiful villa house gives a feeling of spaciousness and coolness

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This is one of the most beautiful villa designs in the world. Architect Alireza Taghaboni was inspired by traditional Iranian houses built with two different living spaces: one closed for the winter and one open for the summer. The villa looks like a living organism. The house changes with the seasons thanks to three boxes that can be rotated 90 degrees like a Rubik’s cube, changing the volume of the building.

In winter, all rooms are enclosed in the building structure and all closed bedrooms have small openings. In summer, the house opens with the help of a mechanical motor, providing a perforated volume with large steps for shade and fresh air. The house is vertically distributed in seven floors, with two basements for entertainment and wellness and a first floor that serves as a garage and office.

2. mobile villas in Ibiza

In Ibiza we chose a villa with minimalist, elegant and modern interior and style, located between Santa Gertrudis and San Mateo – one of the quietest areas of the island. Parisian architect Pascal Cheikh-Djavadi designed the villa based on an old site typical of the island’s heritage. The emergence of forgotten monuments suggested a complete reconstruction, but the architect and the owner agreed to take the architectural principles of the Ibizan tradition and incorporate them into a modern version of the Ibiza country house, simple and clean. These principles include the rectangular floor plan of the living room, the main entrance on the south, the juniper beams that support the weight of the ceiling and several small windows to create a cool space.

3. modern villa in Saint Tropez

In Saint Tropez, in the heart of the Côte d’Azur, the architectural firm Vincent Coste designed a modern villa with traditional Mediterranean architecture and a private swimming pool. The house is composed of two mosaic volumes of different sizes, the second floor being strongly vaulted due to the small extension of the property. There is a very nice swimming pool, tables, chairs (deck chairs), a swimming pool on the side of the fence square and a panoramic terrace, which is also a solarium. True to the classic principles of Mediterranean architecture, the interior of the house is perfectly shaded from the sun thanks to a combined system: Exterior curtains of light cotton, mixed with brise-soleil and porticos, keep the house cool and well ventilated. The owner has selected many state of the art furniture to create an artistic environment.

4. youth hostels in Agios Fokas

Youth Hostels in Agios Fokas are located on the southwest side of the island of Lesvos, Greece. The scenery is pure magic with magnificent sea views and a view through glass windows with olive trees all around. It was designed by Z-Level Studio in harmony with the natural landscape and uses natural materials of natural origin. The house has an outdoor terrace and a swimming pool with panoramic views. The villa has a compact interior design that combines custom furniture.

5. California Oak Pass Villa

The California Oak Pass Villa is located just outside Beverly Hills, on a hill in an old oak park. It is constructed of glass and concrete by Walker Workshop and offers sweeping panoramic views from its elevated position. The living room is upstairs, where there is plenty of sunlight. A pleasant tiled terrace provides a new escape for the bedroom, while the living area with its glass surround projects the sun onto a terrace with an infinity pool. The oak trees reflected in the water seem to connect the indoors and outdoors in a meditative and tranquil atmosphere.

6. traditional villa in Bali

Modernity meets tradition in Bali as well. Alexis Dornier designed a house with large common spaces and a beautiful teak ceiling. The layout transforms each room into a unique 450-square-foot meeting space. Natural materials contribute to a feeling of security, thanks to the sloping panels of baligreen, teak and hardwood. Finally, nature is at the heart of the project, as evidenced by the terrace overlooking the palm trees and the possibility of opening the entire facade to the outside.

7. mountain villa

Paradise is not only the sea, the luxury villas in the mountains are equally charming. It was designed by Christiaan Van Aswegen to house a sophisticated designer collection in the Plettenberg Bay area. A single deck and breathtaking views of the Tsitsikamma mountains open up to clients as they enter. A light mass play


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