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10 most common myths when buying a car

Buying a car is like “marrying a girl”, it is necessary to learn very carefully about the car, such as make, model, quality, price … However, not everyone is smart. Ideas to choose for themselves a perfect car. Because there are misconceptions that inadvertently drive them to obsolete, inferior cars or extremely “expensive” car prices. When buying a car, many people mistakenly believe that the car is better than the rest because of its color, shape and price. Or they think that it is a new car, so there is no need to check it carefully before buying…. So they may buy a car that is both expensive and of poor quality.

The concept of buying only Japanese and German cars, the rest of the American and Korean cars “should not be bought.”

Not everyone who buys a new car has much experience in choosing the type of car, the manufacturer and the origin of the car. Therefore, car buyers often have the mentality of looking around the market before buying a car. To the question of “Which car brand is good?”, everyone will have a different opinion. Many people think that American and Korean cars should not be bought. In the past, two Korean brands, Hyundai and Kia, were snubbed by American consumers. To date, the car models of these two companies have changed completely. Therefore, it is a mistake for car buyers to rely on the above opinions and not buy Korean cars.

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Meanwhile, German brand cars have received strong competition from American brands in recent times, including the Cadillac version of cars. It can be confirmed that Cadillac ATS is not less competitive compared with BMW 3 series, and Cadillac CTS is quite comparable with Audi A6. Therefore, the concept of many people who buy only Japanese and German cars, the rest of American and Korean cars should not be bought, is completely wrong. Because depending on the type of car, the brand, there are suitable car models for consumers.

I have not yet bought a car and “afraid” of the loss of value

There are quite a few people who buy a car because they fear that their car will quickly lose value. They forget that it is the utility value that makes them buy a car. Thinking about the car’s depreciation, car buyers try to spend money on expensive cars, but forget that it is suitable for them. So they should not hastily “slap their hand over their forehead” and regret it later. Even though there is no need to worry too much, this is also a “far away” issue to take care of. You can opt for cars from car brands that are less depreciated today, such as Toyota, Honda, Mazda …

Cheap hatchback car, you should not buy.

Many people think that the hatchback car is cheap and should not be bought because it is “great”. In the past, hatchbacks may have been unpopular, but now things are going in the other direction. Recently, a number of hatchback models have been completely “decorated,” which has many people in a tizzy. In most new models, the hatchback is always more expensive. The reason for this is the larger interior space and versatility. For example, the new Mazda 3 sedan 1.5 version costs from VND659 million. The Mazda 3 hatchback 1.5, on the other hand, sells for up to 689 million VND.

The shape and design of the car are very important

When buying a car, appearance is undeniably very important. However, before buying a new car, “better wood than paint” always applies. With today’s advanced technology, it is no longer difficult for car manufacturers to put a “new shirt” on cars. If you only pay attention to the appearance and color of the exterior, you may buy a poor quality car, and not at the right price. In particular, it is likely that you bought the wrong cab with a refund because the companies repaired and pushed the price to the price of a new car.

Buying a new car is the “safest”, do not be afraid of mistakes

Are new cars safe? This is not a wise conclusion. But in reality, many buyers think so. They do not know that among the many cars sold at the dealerships, there can be cars that are not 100% quality and offered on the market. What proves that a car is safe or not? You should check the specs, take a test drive and ask the inspector to check the quality of the car before “taking” your child home.


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